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We talked for a long time about morals, ethics, philosophy and politics. Not about cinema. It was only towards the end that I told him that I wanted to produce one of his films. Although the strategy ended in commercial failure, the film remains a major artistic achievement for Karmitz.

What does a close-up mean with a horse? For a human, you choose the most expressive area, you frame the face. Karol, a Polish barber, is being divorced by his wife, Dominique, although he is head over heels in love with her. He tries to go back to Poland, which proves to be difficult, and win back Dominique, which is even harder.

Switzerland sent it to the Oscars but the Americans rejected it: for them, it was a French film. The film was stateless: not French, Swiss or Polish! So what happened in the US? With its fortress-like exterior, this listed art-house cinema is a bulwark protecting legendary films. That led to a new interior and a new objective, in terms of editorial policy, set by Marin: making it the leading art-house cinema in France.

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Doing even more than what had come before. We also put together artistic partnerships, programmes, with theatres, operas, philosophers and writers. The building was renovated and its metal structure conserved, but its walls were torn down and replaced with large glass panels. In the early s, few people lingered in the Stalingrad area after 8 pm. It became a cinema, Gambetta Palace, in It was taken over by Gaumont in and divided into three screens, with two further screens added in In , mk2 bought and renovated the building, which has a listed Art Nouveau exterior designed by Henri Sauvage.

It was renamed mk2 Nation in Why change the name of the biggest independent network in Paris? Marin Karmitz reluctantly gave up the name to make it clearer and more together for cinemagoers. The different business lines had to be brought under the same banner. In filmmaking, we work on the screenplays, yes we make improvements but we shoot quite quickly. For me, the process supports the idea that filmmaking is like building. I expect a director to bring the bricks.

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Not to finish the build, but to carry on building it and for other people to carry on building it. Words convey meaning but also intentions, something like mutual understanding, which is a universal language. It was the late s and DVDs were coming into living rooms.

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The term is more associated with books than films. It means building up a catalogue like a sommelier stocks his cellar: conserving and maturing works that will become treasures over the years. The films will benefit from wider audiences with the development of new channels, such as pay television or the growth in VHS formats. The idea is to look as much at the content as the container by acquiring the reproduction and commercial development rights.

The rejection saved the film.

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Gilles Jacob thought it too long, Marin told Michael Haneke, he shortened the film and resubmitted it. That time was the right time. DVDs offer new possibilities in terms of content with menu browsing allowing additional content.

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We try to situate every film in the history of cinema, either by compiling existing materials or producing new ones. Initially the magazine featured news from mk2 cinemas — debates, screenings, releases, etc. In , it took a new direction, aiming to become a legitimate provider of entertainment news. A tacit agreement was reached with the readers, issue after issue: the more the writers liked a film, the more coverage in the magazine.

In emphasizing reports and analysis, the magazine sought to distance itself somewhat from the usual promotional circus that accompanies the release of films, using them as a starting point to explore social and cultural realties. No matter, he incorporated it into his story.

'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Press Conference - Cannes Film Festival

He was filming Enfants de la patrie, the first of his two-part film, which would be completed by Dripping with the rapper Oxmo Puccino and the footballer Eric Abidal. The agency focuses on three areas: producing audiovisual content for brands, organizing promotional events and advertising. I spent time with him and his family in Paris when the film was released.

As Marin was not only a producer but also a cinema operator, I asked him if he would like to help me shoot Paranoid Park. In the meantime, he had distributed Last Days. The stylish red seat, which was created by the French designer Martin Szekely, can switch between a two-seater sofa and two individual seats thanks to a foldaway armrest. How could its identity be conserved? None of the above. It had to reflect all mk2 cinemas, but also its films.

In this film, which was a festival favourite, Fatih Akin explores the conflicts experienced by young Germans of Turkish heritage. In late , mk2 launched its multimedia community platform ONOWA, which brings together all the multimedia creation posted by users videos, photos, music, illustrations and texts whilst tackling pirating. That flexibility was impossible in the past, when you had to have the film on a roll.

doubtpercigasa.ga Located on the first floor, its windows look out over the Seine before the blinds come down and the films begin. As a direct result of the joint project, the National Library has a new entrance paid for by mk2. Touching people, making them cry, making them laugh, can change their minds.

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And changing minds changes lives slowly and changing lives means changing the world. Not only politicians and scientists can change it, but artists as well. First Victim: in the first instance, long-haired, blonde waitress girlfriend Lana Rebecca Wood was anticipating a night of partying and cocaine-snorting with her mental health worker boyfriend Billy Bob DeSimone. When she changed in the restroom before joining him outside, she unzipped the front of her waitress outfit in front of the mirror, revealed both breasts gratuitously as she preened at herself, and shouted out: "It's showtime!

When she went to Billy's car he had been snorting coke while waiting for her , she noticed that he was missing he had been murdered with an axe swung into the top of his head , but sighted the feet of an axe-murderer with his weapon dripping blood onto the pavement. As she lept from the passenger side door, the same axe bludgeoned her in the torso. The horny couple raced off into the woods to make love after a memorable exchange of dialogue:.

Eddie: "You loved it. You want more? Matt will kill us. F--k me. Come on. After placing a blanket on the ground, they smoked a joint, and then undressed, as they were spied upon from nearby bushes by a homeless drifter the voyeuristic Peeping Tom was stabbed in the stomach with a hunting knife as Tina ecstatically moaned in the background.

Sex in Cinema: Greatest and Most Influential Erotic / Sexual Films and Scenes

When the lovers were finished having sex and Eddie went to "wash up," Tina urged him to "hurry back. As she laid back naked on the blanket, providing an unobstructed view of her full breasts as she looked up at the trees, she screamed as long-handled, opened hedge shears were thrust into her face and then closed shut - mutilating her eyes.

When Eddie returned and found her lying on her side, he turned her over and was horrified by the sight. As he backed up to a tree, his own head was crushed against the trunk with a tightened leather strap bound across his eyes. Third Victim: another Pinehurst teen, red-headed Robin Juliette Cummins , had just rejected the romantic advances of a fellow resident, a nervous stutterer named Jake Patterson Jerry Pavlon. After he had implied that he wanted to have sex with her: "I-I-I want to be with you I-I-I wanna make love with you," she demonstrated her disinterest by insensitively smiling and laughing at him.

Hurt and dejected, he headed upstairs, where he was murdered with an upraised meat cleaver.

When Robin also went upstairs, and stood topless before the bathroom mirror revealing her small breasts , she blamed herself for hurting Jake's feelings: "Jake, I'm sorry. You know, sometimes Robin, you are just so stupid" - but it was too late for her. She climbed into her top bunk where she turned and saw Jake's bloody corpse and face next to her in bed.

Then, a large fist grabbed her neck and held her down as she was stabbed with a machete from underneath her mattress. Later, the stacked, bloodied, and murdered bodies of Jake, Robin, and Violet a third resident were revealed in bright flashes of lightning in one of the bedrooms. Hail, Mary , Fr. French New Wave director Jean-Luc Godard's controversial and upsetting film retold the story, now demythologized for modern times present-day Switzerland , of the virgin birth and Mary. Outrage came over the reinterpretation of the Immaculate Conception and the fact that the Mary figure was often in various states of objectively-viewed, non-prurient undress, exhibiting her corporeal flesh throughout the provocative film.

The film was condemned and denounced by Pope John Paul II at one time he said that the offensive film "deeply wounds the religious sentiments of believers" , and picketed at theatres. The film starred Moroccan-born Myriem Roussel as a tall, freckle-faced teenaged basketball player named Marie, representing the Virgin Mary.

A plane flying overhead brought archangel Uncle Gabriel Phillippe Lacoste and a young cherubic girl functioning as his secretary; both were taken by taxi, driven by Marie's platonic, school dropout boyfriend Joseph Thierry Rode , to Marie's father's gas station where she worked as a pump attendant.

At the petrol station, the Annunciation occurred - she was told that she was mysteriously and unexplainably pregnant: "You're going to have a child You'll have a baby. I sleep with no one.