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Frank Frazetta!


But, it's little known that Frazetta also conquered other worlds in the Golden Age of Comics, as shown in his Donald Duck-ish funny animal and hilarious hillbilly comic book stories. Even those aware of this wonderful Frazetta art don't know the complete extent and incredible range of this wonderful, seminal and charming work. This book is a whopping page, large-format pages, culled from several key collectors to include each and every humorous text illustration and story Frank did circa ! Includes the gorgeous and scarce fairy tale adventure from Happy 33, his first work from Tally-Ho Comics, exquisite "Looie Lazybones" stories, pre-dating his work on Li'l Abner by several years.

The standup, Mock the Week panellist, and Absolute Radio newsreader on the things that make him laugh the most.

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The standup, Newsjack host and Fighting Talk panel member on the things that make him laugh the most. The improv performer and founder member of Austentatious on the things that make him laugh the most. The standup, writer and actor on the things that make me laugh the most.

The Irish standup, writer and actor on the things that make her laugh the most.

The standup, writer and actor on the things that make her laugh the most. The standup, actor and writer on the things that make him laugh the most. The Australian standup and actor on the things that make her laugh the most. Ask him? Should I leave them??? And so on and so forth until a tree branch slaps me in the face, we almost lose the entire herd to the brush and my little sister never actually gets stung by a bee.

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Jessie Veeder is a musician and writer living with her husband and daughters on a ranch near Watford City, N. Readers can reach her at jessieveeder gmail. Oh, I love mowing the lawn, but apparently not enough to make it a priority over a 10 p. Next, I need to clear the area. Roll up the hose to the driveway in front. Then I properly roll my eyes and huff at the amount of toddler debris strung about before picking up five Barbies, 10 balls, a G.

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Joe, a mini lawn rake, a battery-operated four-wheeler and 35 half-painted rocks. Next comes my favorite part — heaving the trampoline, fire pit, plastic slide, turtle sandbox and inflatable pool onto the little concrete pad under the deck and out of the way. The wind in my hair, the sun on my back, I start first along the sides of the road going up to the mailbox and let my thoughts wander to getting a job with the park board or something because this is my calling.

The lawn mower is my favorite piece of equipment, the lawn mower is my spirit animal, the lawn mower is my freedom, the lawn mower is… out of gas.


Elephant Facts. A group of crows is called a "murder". Jennifer Veilleux records her fieldwork, research, and thoughts about water resources development and management, indigenous rights, ethics, and a host of other issues. The Way of Water Dr. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

Next step, call Husband to instruct on gas can situation. Assess gas can situation. Lug giant gas can up the road.

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Spill a fair amount of gas down my leg and into my shoe. Run over a log, get stuck twice, get unstuck twice, run over two big rocks in the ditch and three horse poops and have a near miss with the shovel we were supposed to use to scoop up said horse poops.


Give three kids a ride, run out of gas again, fill up again, almost get stuck one more time, sweat, smile, park and, four hours later, hands on hips, look out at that fine manicured lawn thinking Better Homes and Gardens has nothing on me. Now if they would just let me run the swather. I have a turtle sandbox that needs to get back in its proper place.

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And blazing down temperatures of degrees, burning my skin and making a nice sweat puddle down my back and behind my guitar. Or, like last week, pouring down monsoon-style sideways rain for hours on the Wells County Fairgrounds while the audience sat under a canvas tent in puddles upon puddles of muddy water with the strings of their hoods tied around their chins, nothing but blankets, raincoats and trash bags shielding their soggy bodies as they tapped their toes and swayed along to the music.

When it rains on a summer day in rural North Dakota, we tend to get a little punchy about cussing it. But we do. Or the rodeo. Or the 4-H goat show. Or the parade…. I guess it was exhausted. And I laughed, maybe a little too hard, because, well, of course that happened. Rain or shine. And I loved it.

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And so I smiled and closed my eyes and sang my love song to the rain, while outside that tent it was clear that no crops were to be planted that day, but we were going to be together regardless, swaying and singing and laughing and soaking wet…. Get the gate. It seems simple enough if in your imagination you are picturing a white picket fence on neat hinges with a little latch.

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What we do have is miles and miles of barbed wire fence line, much of it built 80 years ago, held up by old cedar and steel fence posts driven into the hard clay of the Badlands. And in the corners and on the flats, in the mud puddles and next to the trees there are the gates. Gates that have also been stretched and re-stretched so tight that I swear Hulk himself would grunt when trying to release the wire loop connecting one post to the other.

But my dad never did. He would just walk over there and pop that thing open like it was a toothpick connected to a string and we would move on with our lives. Which made me believe that my noodle arms and I were fully capable of opening it the next time we came across it.

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34 Funny Butterball Hotline Calls to Share This Thanksgiving. Your turkey troubles are nothing compared to these real calls the Turkey Talk-Line experts have. Mar 10, A collection of funny pictures that make me laugh. See more ideas about Funny pictures, Funny and I laughed.

Oh, there are some gates on this place that are in dire need of work, making them easy to open. Or worse yet, when the men in your life are watching you from the other side of the windshield. Or at least some rope. Ahem: Yesterday, my friend called me for cooking advice. Share this: Twitter Email Facebook Pinterest.

Like this: Like Loading Golden hues, warm setting sun, a light breeze, 10 perfect horses grazing on the hillside. From far away, it looks like I exist in a painting. From far away, it looks like something in a coffee table book.

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