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In another one of Iris Johansen's stand-alone thrillers, she took us on another hair-rising adventure of its own kind.

La seduccion del vampiro / The Vampire's Seduction

For Dr. Megan Blair, she'd been hearing voices in her head. She tried to silence those dormant psychic powers for years, when it drove her insane and out of her mind. She couldn't forget the past, when she learned about her mother's death and trying to save her heritage. People were out to kill her, use her and also seduce her, including Neil Grady, who held the key to her In another one of Iris Johansen's stand-alone thrillers, she took us on another hair-rising adventure of its own kind.

People were out to kill her, use her and also seduce her, including Neil Grady, who held the key to her future But little did she know at what cost would it be in the end to discover the truth behind her powers. View 2 comments. Several times the author went out of the way to have a character explain things that I just didn't need to know in order to enjoy the story. The expositionary dialog felt awkward no one ever explains themselves like the last scene of a Scooby-Doo episode.

To boot, the melodramatic adverbs and theatrical blocking actually pulled me out of the story at times because it pushed my suspended belief beyond the breaking point. I wonder if the audio book made some of this worse? It was read like a cross between a Shakespearan tragedy and a Mexican telenovela. In addition, word-choices like "jerkily" sound harsh to the ear and bring attention to themselves at the cost to the story-telling.

Perhaps the paperback is good for beach-reading, when you can scan the story and take naps at will without fear of losing the plot?

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Just a thought. Oct 15, Lauren rated it did not like it Shelves: audio-book , romance-contemporary , did-not-finish , romance-paranormal-supernatural , romance-suspense-mystery. I really tried with this book, but if I can't even pay attention to an audiobook when I'm stuck in a car with nothing else to do, I have to admit defeat. Mar 06, Pam Pagoso Meneses rated it it was ok. Books about strong, extraordinary women--that's usually my shtick. But this one fell flat, did not fully showcase the main character's strength, and did not sustain the momentum it generated in the beginning.

For those reasons, I'm giving it a 2. This is my first time reading this author, and most probably, my last. I better read something good soon. I feel like I'm swimming in a sea of 2's and 3's lately. Dec 07, Devin King rated it liked it. The first chapter had a few hooks that made me want to read until the end and find out what happened. Plot This book starts out in the woods outside of Colorado, then Pandora moves into the city. During her time in the city she goes to nursing school and graduated top of her class. She stays there for many years until she is taken overseas to Germany and to a French circus. She is able to witness firsthand everything that is said and done before, during, and after the murder. Because of this, she is wanted by very bad people. Eventually, she is found and dragged into a house in the mountains of Colorado that is very hard to access.

She stays there until Neil Grady tries to rescue her.

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Buy La seducción del vampiro (Pandora nº 27) (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - La seduccion del vampiro / The Vampire's Seduction (Pandora) (Spanish Edition) [Raven Hart, Laura Rodriguez Gomez] on *FREE* shipping on.

Characterization For a long time Megan Blair has been trying to get the voices out of her head, but she simply cannot until her mom dies. When her mom dies she has help silencing the voices from Neil Grady. He silenced the voices even though she didn't know who he was or even that he was silencing them. Many years later when he meets her at the zoo and without her even knowing he was there, he temporarily released the voices in her head.

Setting In the early 20th century Meghan Blair was in the woods with her mom having a picnic. After the picnic Megan's mom was murdered, and she had to move into the city with someone she thought was her uncle. They also went to Germany and France. While they were there, she learned more about what she was capable of.

She entered a carnis trailer who was tortured and murdered, even after the fact she was able to watch the whole thing. Even though it physically and mentally drained her for multiple days. She was able to see and hear things she could only have heard if she had been there. This drove her to work hard and try to solve the case of what happened to the book.

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While she was working. Recommendation Due to some of the explicit content of the book, I recommend this book for people 12 and up male or female. I also feel that some kids will not understand what is going on until it is explained to them. Some of the book can only be understood by people who have a little knowledge of supernatural occurrences. Sep 16, Amy Lignor rated it liked it. One of the most entertaining writers is back. Looking forward to a novel by Ms. Johansen, to me, is a lot like awaiting the next J.

Engaging, fast-paced…the woman knows what she has to do to bring a reader in for the ride. The plot: For as long as Megan Blair can remember, she has tried with all her might to silence the voices that scream inside her head. As Megan grew into an adult, she turned towards medicine and became a talented, soft-hearted physician. The voices grew dormant over time and Megan concentrated on saving the sick and wounded. Her only problem? Being a little too emotionally involved with her patients.

Her home-life is shared with her uncle. A great man and a great character. We should all have relatives like this guy. One night, coming home from work, she is run off the road by a stranger. In a millisecond, a mysterious, sensual man named Neal Grady arrives at her front door…a man she remembers quite clearly from her past. Grady unleashes the secrets of her past and Megan is thrown into a macabre mystery that harkens back to a family who died hundreds of years before.

She must use her incredible gifts to help Grady hunt down a log; a book that lists all of the people like her…before the vile man who killed her mother can find the book and use it to destroy not only Megan, but the rest of the "freaks" on the list. A wonderful adventure from start to finish. The chemistry between Grady and Megan is blissful and the character of Harley has to be one of the most charming men Johansen ever created. Jul 04, Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: suburban-nonsense , one-star , trash. This has been the worst book I've read in ages.

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I'd feel like a parrot to repeat the flaws that have already been pointed out by by the other well-written reviews. In fact, it would be even furiously trite to say that yes, this book is even worse than the Twilight series. However, in the bizarrely accepted universal language of Pandora's Daughter 's characters, dammit, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna compare the two. The protagonist is named Megan Blair.

At least Bella Swan's name was ironic. Maybe because Robert Pattinson was already established as what Edward was supposed to look like, or maybe because I've been seeing Hannibal , but I imagine Neal Grady to look like Mads Mikkelsen. Who else can twist their lips as obsessive as Neal Grady? Why does Megan call her lover Grady? Johansen had the potential to make Renata an Alice Cullen, or someone who would be more considerate and more heartwarming and relevant to Megan's "talent" than the creepy Neal Grady.

But no, Renata's storyline was unnecessarily complicated by both being the hardheaded trained assassin with no feelings and the hardheaded trained assassin with no feelings that's also boring.

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Three of Anne Rice's most popular characters, the vampires Lestat, Louis, and Claudia, are introduced to the world of her Mayfair Witches series in this fascinating history that traverses between New Orleans past and present, the jungles of Guatemala, secular Mayan ruins, and the hearts of civilizations not yet discovered by man. Ep64 Brute Strength Murders is out now!! This week, the gals explore some criminals who thrived under the Big Top. Topics include the stages of decomposition, a sleepy strangler, respectful squatters, and some hoarders naturally. What if it was at a wedding?

Dammit, you guys. You have superpowers and you're cowering away from thugs. I know that this is new to you, Megan, but make us believe that you're more than an angry shit talker. At least put up a fight. Denying Neal Grady's boner shouldn't count. Please don't let this book be a sequel. New Moon , I can say with confidence, was an improvement.

There dare not be a honeymoon for Megan and Neal Grady. Sep 08, Tabi34 rated it it was ok. The title intrigued me - Pandora's Daughter; I thought it would be about a woman with ties to the Greek myth. Then I read the back cover and there was danger and mystery. I had to read it. It turned out to be one of the slowest reads I've had done. It took me weeks to plow through the story.

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