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Refuse to Sink

Google Scholar Crossref. Refuse to Sink by Berlin Dwi Prasona. Article available in:. Stacked Bangle Bracelet Set. Social stigma: The affective consequences of attributional ambiguity. City Art Guides. Your donation is currently public.

You are a warrior. You have and will overcome. What we need in this world is to work towards creating a world where there are less stigmas associated with mental health and more freedom to discuss it. That change must first happen in you. Your story is unique, important, and truly matters.

So pledge to say to yourself that you refuse to sink, you refuse to let the waves of depression or anxiety or bipolar or schizophrenia or whatever drag you down, you refuse to let your mental illness become who you are because you are so much more than that.

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You will swim on. It was something I've never experienced before. Everything in front of me seemed to sink into the ground, my hands moving in super slow motion.

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It lasted about for a good 30 seconds before everything went back to normal. I brushed it off and continued on with the day. That summer the double vision would come and go every so often.

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Mostly when I was doing exercises. I would literally have to stop in my tracks, take a knee, close my eyes, and wait it out. As stubborn as I am, I continued on for another few weeks before I decided to go see my doctor. In June , I went for a CT scan to have my head examined.

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The results came up negative and it was suggested that my symptoms were sinus related and it could possibly be fluid which was causing imbalance and vertigo-like symptoms. For the next few months the double vision would come and go with weeks in between, so I figured it must be sinus related. My wife on the other hand did some research on symptoms I was having and told a friend that I better not have a brain tumour. I didn't really think about those possibilities. After a couple months went by, things turned for the worse. On October 8, I had a grand mal seizure, luckily in the comfort of my own home.

I don't remember much, only waking up in the ambulance extremely confused. Once sent to the hospital for further evaluation, I was told I had a mass on my brain. Still, at this point I din't quite understand the severity of a brain tumour because I never really knew anyone who had dealt with one.

I was transported from St. Catharines to Hamilton to meet with the neurosurgeon. After much discussion the surgery date was set for October The doctor was fairly confident in the removal of the tumour as he claimed the spot was like a skin tag on the outside of my brain in the right occipital region. Boy, did I underestimate the recovery of brain surgery!

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New song by Blood on the Dance Floor "I Refuse to Sink! (Fuck the Fame)" out now on iTunes: fame/. Why the "I Refuse to Sink" tattoo is problematic. When modern tattooing first developed in the west, a series of symbols and designs became an.

While recovering from surgery I got a phone call for an appointment at Juravinski Cancer Centre Even when told it's just protocol for patients with brain tumours, your mind just continuously races. November 2 is the day I will never forget! I have never been so scared in my life. Once I heard GBM it reminded me of Gord Downie who just recently passed away from the same cancer, and instantly I thought my life was over. My mind went blank and I couldn't comprehend what the doctors were saying.

I wanted to run away but where was I going to run to? After all said and done, it was time for treatments, still unaware of what exactly I was getting myself into. After 30 radiation blasts while taking a low dose chemotherapy, it was time to take treatments into my own hands as well. From changing my diet to supplements and most importantly cannabis oils, I have scratched and clawed my way back.

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After ringing the bell on Jan 4, it was time to rest and heal. My first two MRIs came back with no disease progression. July 6, I finished all SOC treatments with 6 clean scans of no disease progression and improved blood work so far! I am currently on 3-month maintenance for MRIs which hopefully will extend to 6 months.

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I am a very competitive person so losing is not an option. Since being diagnosed I have entered running and biking events.