Shadow of the Mark (Carrier of the Mark)

Shadow Marks
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Sort order. Oct 23, Blythe marked it as will-not-read. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this cover. I mean, just look at how different it is from the first cover! They changed her dress' train, changed the sky and even tilted the model's body! View all 17 comments. Sep 11, hayden marked it as to-read. Wow, you guys I am in awe of this cover's originality and creativity. I also love how distinct it is from the first one. They are so different from each other, it was difficult for me to realize this is part of the same series. View all 5 comments. May 24, Rhea rated it did not like it Shelves: joke , never-ever-read.

Book 3 cover is out! View all 4 comments. Let me guess View all 6 comments. Oct 25, Beatrice Blakeney added it Shelves: i-am-never-ever-ever-reading-this-b. Thy creativity knows no bounds, cover designers. View 1 comment. Oct 26, manda marked it as how-about-no. Oooh, I know! In the third book cover, she'll be upside-down! Oct 23, Laurel marked it as never-will-i-ever. That cover. Such differentiation. The purple and poofs, I would've never have thought that it was the same stock image simply flipped and color replaced.

I want your genius, cover designer. Sep 25, Wendy Higgins added it. I critiqued Leigh's first draft and I can't wait to read the final book!!! Very seldom to I love a sequel more than the original, but now and then it happens, and this is one of those times. Aug 26, Bella Grace added it Shelves: maybe-to-read. View all 7 comments. Oct 31, Shii marked it as to-read Shelves: own. Holy cow flying above!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh seriously on a high now! Gatta go dance a bit now!!!!!!!!! Jan 05, Scarlet marked it as to-read. How original is this cover! May 02, Chelsea rated it did not like it Shelves: worst-books-ever-published , gave-up-on , not-worth-reading.

Well gee would you look at that cover?

Shadow of the Mark

I bet a lot of hard work was put into that. I mean Whew, that can make you break a sweat! Ok, where do I even begin? So I remembered I enjoyed the series and got this book.

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Number one problem? I forgot that I didn't enjoy the first book. As soon as I began reading about Megan there was a light bulb.

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I remembered that this was a copycat Twilight book. Well I had checked it out for two weeks, so might as well use it, r Well gee would you look at that cover? Well I had checked it out for two weeks, so might as well use it, right?

At the begining, all Megan can do is swoon over her boyfriend, Adam. I get it. He's adorable.

Shadow of the Mark (Carrier of the Mark)

Shadow of the Mark book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Their love could destroy them primandereanel.mlh the ages, Marked On. In the sequel to Carrier of the Mark (), Megan (the air element), Adam (water ), Áine (earth), and Rían (fire) are preparing themselves for the summer solstice.

Now let's move on. Then her dad randomly worried about her being kidnapped and then Leigh Fallon decided to explain. FYI I'm still not getting the random kidnapping, but whatever. As we read, we learn that Megan is sucking people's powers out. Yeah, ok. And everyone just kind of accepts it.

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Now it's time for me to fess up. The story is boring. So I decided to stop at chapter 11 and skip to an exciting part.

Let's just say that in those pages, some sort of secret was revealed because soon someone view spoiler [ Caitlin hide spoiler ] was randomly involved in the whole mess. I flipped back to figure out what had happened, but nothing.


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It was literally like Fallon threw the person into the story. Then after Adam and Megan did the "deed" she sucks Adam's powers out of him so it's like he is dead. What the heck? I just really don't understand this plot at all. Later on, after Megan almost hurts herself and gives the power back, Fionn comes to tell Megan that she is basically evil and is forbidden to see the others.

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How sweet! Aine had somewhere gained a weird power to read people's thoughts or something like that. So Megan hears Aine in her head asking for help. So she goes to the house with Chloe and Caitlin view spoiler [ Chloe is some kind of weird guard, I guess. Are we seeing a pattern yet? During the big fight scene, I am not even sure what happened.

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There was just too much vague describing and then soon the evil person died.