The Faithless: A Political Thriller (Part 4 of 5)

An interview with thriller author, James McCrone
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An ageing filmmaker credited as Bergman conjures the ghost of a past lover, exorcising his guilt through a work-in-progress. What do you do when you are not writing? Closer Than You Think. The Faithless marks his debut as a novelist. Stephanie Caffrey. You are commenting using your Google account.

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  • An interview with thriller author, James McCrone.
  • November | | Chosen Words - James McCrone.
  • An interview with thriller author, James McCrone;

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Allan Airish. South of Cincinnati. Jonathan Ashley. I was excited as the characters and the real story of how they try to oppose such a conspiracy took shape. In the original draft of the book I chose Illinois as the site for the fictional malfeasance because I had in mind the disputed vote count there in the election between Nixon and Kennedy. Many contend the Daly machine rigged the vote. I hoped that setting the disputed votes in Illinois would give the novel some verisimilitude.

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Perhaps I should have chosen Florida, particularly since the scandal, irrespective of the truth remains a volatile point of contention across both now, all three books and Florida is back in the news again…and likely, again. People who have read Faithless Elector are amazed that it came out well before the election March, to be precise , long before either of the parties had chosen their candidates.

Initially, she learns of the plot through her former academic advisor Duncan Calder and his current star graduate student, Matthew Yamashita. Later, pushed to the edges of the investigation, she picks the lock on the back door no one thought to look for, plunging her again deeper into danger. The backdrop for the thrillers is a contested presidential election.

The situations looming over the action ring true to our shared experience—a dangerously divisive campaign, accusations of voter fraud and dirty tricks…and then in my story the murders begin. The second thriller, Dark Network , has as its backdrop a fractured Justice Department. The FBI is leaking, the Attorney General is being undermined, politicians are spinning, social media is in an uproar…and a murderous dark network is gunning for anyone standing in its way.

I definitely missed that part. The answer, as Jack Patton learned from his father at an early age, is just When his father passes away, Jack comes up with a plan to honor the man in a way that respects his small-town, politically active legacy: by becoming one of the select few chosen as a member of the electoral college, the only people in the country whose vote directly decides the presidential election.

But someone else has a different plan in mind Allan Airish is a professional writer with more than a million words published in various fields.

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The Faithless marks his debut as a novelist. The author can be found online at www. Product Details.

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The Faithless A Political Thriller Part 1 The Faithless A Political Thriller Part 3 of 5 , The Faithless A Political Thriller Part 2, The Faithless A Political Thriller Part 4. The Faithless: A Political Thriller was originally released as a five part serial and I cannot imagine the agony of having to wait for the next installment.

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