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True voodoo! By Michael Dregni. Reader Mail. Vintage Guitar Price Guide.

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Upcoming Events. Vintage Guitar Classified Ads. Current Issue Read Now! LOG IN. Log into your account. Recover your password. Home Issue Archive October Issue Archive. Most notab Most notable is the one photographed, which is completely white, with pickguard removed. It would be fair to say that Eddie Van Halen is one of the greatest guitarists ever to have plucked a six-string.

His legacy in influencing an entire generation of guitarists is undeniable, with the axe-man being voted the best of all time, as recently as , over peers such as Angus Young and Brian May by readers of Guitar World magazine. Van Halen was a chameleon in his choice of equipment throughout his career, adapting to new developments to ensure that he captured the sound in his head for his latest record.

2012 Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide

Eddie's most famous guitar is the self-built "Frankenstein," or Frankenstrat, which he custom made from parts bought from Wayne Charvel's guitar shop. The neck and part of the pick guard were altered, with a Floyd Rose vibrato unit installed.

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A stock Ibanez Destroyer was used on large parts of Van Halen's first album, and Eddie later used a rear-loaded Kramer for his early '80s recordings. Van Halen switched between guitars from album to album — and from track to track at times — in his restless search for perfection.

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He also produced his own signature line of guitars with Peavey, named after his son, Wolfgang, which often featured a device called a "D-Tuna. Van Halen's magpie approach extended to his choices of amplifier; though he most commonly used a watt Marshall amp in the early years of his career, he has stated his favorite amp to be the '63 blonde Band Master head, saying that was the best he'd ever heard himself play. Always taking a purist approach to his sound, Van Halen never used a distortion pedal, preferring to utilize the natural distortion from his amp.

He relied largely on a Roland sde rack unit delay pedal for effects. If diversity is truly the key to innovation, it would be fair to cite this as the reason for Eddie Van Halen being one of the world's most distinctive and adventurous guitarists.

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No Thanks Loading. Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen, one of the world's best guitarists, has accumulated a varied guitar collection. EVH even cut the pick guard himself.

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Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide [Alan Greenwood, Gil Hembree] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Book). At nearly The Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide - Kindle edition by Alan Greenwood, Gil Hembree. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.

The guitar started with black and white stripes on the first Van Halen record, eventually gaining the red and evolving into the icon it is today. Eddie originally built the guitar because, "the guitar I wanted to play did not exist. EVH also has a signature line of amps and his own signature pedals from MXR, which includes a wah pedal, custom flanger, and signature Phase Van Halen's pedalboard also contains standard dunlop pedals, power boxes, and selector switches. Roles: Guitarist. Genres: Rock , Pop. Edit Artist Details. Follow to get Eddie Van Halen's gear updates.

Contribute to this page. Guitars Kramer Double Neck. The guitar was buried alongside Dimebag Darrell — Pantera guitarist who died tragically in Tacoma JR55 Jumbo. Custom-Built "Frankenstein" Guitar. Ibanez Destroyer.

Kramer Eddie Van Halen Custom. There is a clear shot in this video, at , of Eddie playing his custom Kramer guitar. Steinberger GL2. Teisco Del Rey Tulip. Steinberger GL2-T. Similar Artists Van Halen. Paul Gilbert. X Welcome! Sign Up. X Contributors.