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The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson.

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Published in the same year as the Fellowship of the Ring, , American SF author Poul Anderson drew upon many of the same influences as Tolkien, but with very different results. The Broken Sword is a short, savage, dark and strange fantasy that imitates the feel of Norse sagas. Skafloc, a mortal child stolen by elves, and the berserk Valgard, the changeling left in his place, are drawn into the endless battle between elves and trolls, and the schemes of Odin, with tragic consequences. Havamal, also called the Word of the High One, gathers together sage advice from the Chief of the Gods to man on how to be a good guest, a safe traveller, and an effective lover, in the form of poetic stanzas.

Cornwell, famous for his Sharpe books, applies his military mastery to the Viking age in six books beginning with The Last Kingdom. Vivid characters, friendships forged in the crucible of combat, and crunching battle scenes ensue. As a boy he raids in Scotland, as a young man he travels the rivers of Russia and joins the Varangian Guard in Byzantium, and as an old man goes on a quest for vengeance that takes him via Iceland to the distant shores of North America.

The Hammer and the Cross by Robert Ferguson. A comprehensive and readable history of the Viking age that voyages as far as the Northmen themselves, via Iceland and Greenland to North America, down the rivers of Russia to Byzantium and beyond. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Topics Children's books Children's books top 10s. This is evidently aimed at middle school and high school ages. For an introduction to tales about Norsemen whose names and stories you've seen and heard reference to, you could surely do worse than read this volume. I am thankful that the language used isn't the stilted and artificial old-speak so common in books of this kind. Hall tells these tales without dumbing them down to suit those sorry-assed adults who somehow believe that young If scholarly discourse is your wish then keep looking.

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Hall tells these tales without dumbing them down to suit those sorry-assed adults who somehow believe that young readers need things dumbed down. In short, I liked it. Aug 13, Keti rated it liked it. I somehow expected a little more from this book. The tales were short and entertaining, which was a big plus, but the description and the dialogue was a little bland. For children or young adults who have just started to be interested about the world of the Norsemen, this book is a good enough start, but for others who crave something more that just a simple story, I would advise you to keep looking.

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All things considered, it was not a bad book, it was a decent one, but for me it was not complex I somehow expected a little more from this book. All things considered, it was not a bad book, it was a decent one, but for me it was not complex enough. May 29, Stacy rated it really liked it Shelves: myths , books-read I was torn between giving this three stars or four stars.

It wasn't rousing reading, for the most part—though it was engaging—but in the end I decided that my desire for rip-roaring adventure was unrealistic and maybe a little unfair. This is a good introduction to Viking lore. There's a nice glossary describing the types of houses Vikings lived in, the weapons they used, and some of the gods they worshipped.

There's also a bibliography at the end. Feb 04, Franklin Wood rated it it was amazing. Stories about Vikings? Sign me up! After studying The Vikings with my son, I picked up this little volume and was pleasantly surprised. The author does a good job of breathing life into these historical characters. The narrative, though split into separate stories, flows well and is easy to understand. The author explains her goals at the end and wraps it all up nicely.

Read this if you are interested in medieval history, American discovery, Vikings, and sailing adventures. This is a fictionalized account covering the life of Norse king Harald Hairfair, the settling of Iceland and Greenland, and the story of Leif Ericsson. It was an okay account, but for the target audience, I'd rather recommend The Vikings by Elizabeth Janeway. It covers much of the same material, is better written, and deals a bit more specifically with some of the events.

Aug 06, Deb rated it really liked it Shelves: historcial , children-s-fiction. I liked this book, although it took me a long time to read at my computer. I prefer a Kindle or real book. None the less, the story carried well and engaged my interest. I felt the final pages, with their teaching suggestions were excellent and would make a great homeschooling introduction to history and geography both. Other books have come on the market recently also which will do much for I liked this book, although it took me a long time to read at my computer.

Other books have come on the market recently also which will do much for those who are still eager to expand their knowledge. Dec 27, Nina rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , history. The reason I say 'can' be, is cos it will mostly depend on your interests and how far your knowledge on this subject reaches.

In the end, this is a fictionalized work and not everybody appreciates that. Though there's plenty of footnotes and descriptions to open several discussions, which I think are perfect to do with children and therefore I also recommend this book to read with kids. Love LibriVox for making so many great old books available, that being said they should vet their readers a bit better.

Two of the final three chapters of this were read by someone who is barley literate. Thankfully they are teacher suggestion chapters and it does not take away from a great story.

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Vikings A fun and interesting set of tales and a bit of family history for me. I was enthralled with the sheer determination of these explorers to find New lands to settle down and farm and raise their families. Viking discovery of North America These tales are simplistic and not of strong literary sense but convey a truth not generally known to the average student today. A worthy effort to educate the truths of discovery.

Jun 11, Carrie ReadingtoKnow rated it liked it. Second time through and I think it's a good introduction to stories about the Vikings but I wasn't overly enthralled with it either.

It's a decent book but I think we were all collectively glad that we finally worked our way through it. Sep 12, Set rated it it was amazing Shelves: folktales-fairytales. If you are fan of vikings fighting dragons and sailing ships to settle far off land, you'll enjoy these stories greatly. And if you are a fan of the Vikings series, you'll find the truth of each story to be hilarious in comparison to what the series led us to believe. We see the story of King Harald and Giada who demanded Harald to unite all of Norway if he was to be worthy of marrying her.

He vowed to do so and didn't cut his hair until he fulfilled his promise. It is empty. We could choose our land from the whole country. There is good fishing.

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There are green valleys. And Butter Thorolf says that butter drops from every weed. There are mountains and deserts where we may find adventure. I say, let us steer for Iceland! Did not all his cattle die there of hunger and cold, and did he not come back to Norway cursing Iceland? The tales in this book are counted as the life story of King Harald; even though the social life of Scandinavia, Viking wars and a periodical history lesson.

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I had the expectation that there were different tales. Jan 17, daisy rated it really liked it Shelves: classics , nonfiction , juvenile-fiction. Really enjoyed this! I believe I would have enjoyed it even more as a kid. May 26, John Yelverton rated it it was ok. I realize that this is a classic piece of literature, but I was not that impressed with either its writing style nor the stories themselves.

Sep 17, Dany Vicente rated it really liked it. Short and interesting book.

Viking Tales: The Battle for the Viking Gold

May 19, Amy Krohn rated it really liked it. My seven year old daughter liked this I read it to her , but we both appreciated it more after we followed this book up with Leif the Lucky by d'Aulaire. Jan 19, Muhammad Nusair rated it really liked it. Beautiful stories of ancient glory and ways of living. Great book Very entertaining.

Well translated. I enjoyed this book It provides insight into Viking culture. I found the tales to be very informative.

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Chinese Classic Stories. So the best skalds traveled much and visited many people. Read by CeilingofStars. It was the locked shields of the men in the bows, and over every shield looked fierce blue eyes. We landed late at night and pulled our boat up on shore and walked quietly to the house.

Dec 16, Lauren rated it it was amazing. Although this is primarily a children's book, I think it is a good read for adults as well to help them understand the history of Norse legends. Finding new lands accidentally, long and treacherous voyages, encountering hardships, and a unique lifestyle, this is a book of adventure. I particularly like the straight-forwardness of the book. There is no beating around the bush with long descriptions.

Quite opposite, it's to the point; a satisfying read. Valhalla is explained in the story as Although this is primarily a children's book, I think it is a good read for adults as well to help them understand the history of Norse legends. Valhalla is explained in the story as heaven, Old Norse for "hall of the slain".