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Castle of Mau Vizinho (Vila Real)
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Carry on! It came from the expression Nossa Senhora! Somehow, the word Senhora was dropped off, probably to avoid irreverence towards Our Lady.

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Another religious influence seen in our language. Did they live?

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Que Cara-de-pau! He usually does things without thinking in the consequences, and sometimes gets in trouble. What a nerve!

Os Vegetais - Você é o Meu Vizinho? (Dublagem Rara - Audio News VHS Buenna Vista)

I wish! University College Dublin.

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In the Early Mo The citation is therefore yet another attestation of Church opprobrium for base entertainers. I will argue that, for a better understanding of this clause, we should approach it from the perspective of Portuguese feudal practices rather than try to make it fit neatly within a paradigm informed by Islamic law, and I will be drawing on information gleaned from the variant reading and the medieval Portuguese translations of the charter to support this argument.

The dictionary also provides us with a clearer picture of the types of figures represented by each term and, significantly, how some of these figures may have functioned as entertainers.

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Although, in theory, there was a moratorium on inquiries into the religious comportment of New Christians in Portugal after the forced conversions, we have, in practice, a literary work by Anrique da Mota his Farce of the Tailor in which a judicial sentence is passed concerning the religious sincerity of a convert. Believed to have been composed sometime between and , this comic dramatic dialogue proves to be a very serious polemic on the subject of apostasy that highlights the shame and alienation experienced by voluntary converts, scorned by both the Portuguese Old Christians and the forced New Christians.

Maison de This talk will focus on a group that receives little coverage in published discussions of the history of Jews in medieval Europe: the Jews of Ireland.

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Due to this lack of publicity, it is commonly assumed that no Semitic communities were established on Irish soil prior to the late fifteenth century. To dispel any misconceptions, I will present an overview of current scholarship on the Jews in Ireland this scholarship is based mainly on English records such as the exchequer rolls , and I will provide some additional insight on the matter that can be gleaned from Gaelic sources.

The aim of this discussion will be to raise the profile of this forgotten community—expulsed in along with its brethren in England—and to inspire future research on the topic. Such further work would enable historians to gain a fuller sense of the migration patterns and legacy of the Jews, who, as I will make clear, reached as far as the eastern fringes of Hibernia.

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Queen Mary College, University of London. In this paper, I will show that the text is in fact a serious polemic on the topic of conversion and, more specifically, apostasy.

The piece is a daring social commentary, and this raises interesting questions about its intended audience. Maison des Sciences de

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